what’s ELF?

1. Aim

To develop and produce the world’s best agricultural products, promote collaboration with companies and universities to analyze soil, agricultural products, water, pesticide residues, heavy metal concentrations and nutritional value. Such analysis makes it possible to develop methods that will produce safe and palatable agricultural products and keep them fresh. We also aim to maintain the analyzed information as basic data and share it with others. Finally, we will promulgate standards of quality for agricultural products and will offer high-quality agricultural products and processed foods domestically and internationally.

2. Implementation Details

1. Establish analysis/evaluation techniques
     1. Perform soil analysis
     2. Perform water analysis
     3. Analyze agricultural products and their nutritional values
     4. Analyze pesticide residue
2. Organize workshops and review sessions
3. Establish quality standards for the world’s best agricultural products.
4. Distribute agricultural products domestically and internationally under a common brand name.

3. Research System

4. About the WTQAP Basis

This basis includes the important matters of JGAP.
In addition, we establish the definite self-standard for each agricultural product by the third party evaluation organization. We aim at producing higher quality agricultural products, and exporting them under a common brand name.

Appropriate farm management and practice to produce agricultural products

Agricultural products for high quality

5. Analysis and Evaluation Items